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TOX® Automotive Motor & Battery Press Solutions

Batteries and motors are the backbone of every hybrid and fully-electric automobile. They send out the energy needed to start a vehicle, power electrical components during operation, and move from one destination to the next. That’s a tremendous responsibility, which is why carmakers demand the utmost quality.

Streamline automotive motor and battery manufacturing capabilities with TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK. Our electric drive servo presses and monitored Powerpackages offer complete process control and feedback, which bolsters throughput, quality, and profitability when integrated into a production process. Read on to learn more about our automotive motor and battery pressing solutions.

Advantages of TOX® Press Drives for Automotive Motor and Battery Applications

Conventional mechanical and hydraulic presses require close attention for precision manufacturing; precise operation can be time- and labor-intensive. The press itself as well as inputs and outputs must be consistently monitored and adjusted during production.

Servo and Powerpackage presses automate otherwise tedious tasks, streamlining automotive motor and battery production capabilities. They can work with various tools and part types, improving manufacturing process flexibility, reliability, and throughput.

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TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK servo presses offer an array of benefits. Some examples include: 

  • Precision forming
  • Energy efficiency
  • Variable stroke profiles 
  • Precise ram motion and position control throughout the stroke length 
  • Variable, precise ram velocity control, even within a single portion of the press stroke
  • Full working energy at any speed 
  • Less noise
  • High accuracy and repeatability 
  • Full press capacity anywhere in the stroke 
  • Long life

A servo runs entirely on electricity, which means no oil is required. There are no leaks or expensive disposal fees. Cleanliness is easy to maintain and processes are more environmentally friendly.

Helping automotive manufacturers charge forward

With all the technology, sensors, and computers in modern hybrid and fully-electric vehicles, batteries and motors have never been more critical. They must provide a constant energy supply to start a car and power advanced electronics. As a result, obtaining quality components is paramount for automakers.

For decades, TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK has developed innovative metal forming and assembly solutions for the automotive industry. Our Powerpackage and servo presses permit the application of force throughout the entire stroke length, leading to superior precision and quality.

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Our electric drive servo presses and monitored Powerpackages enhance automotive motor and battery component manufacturing. Here are some examples: 

  • Battery cell joining
  • Battery cell assembly
  • Battery housing assembly
  • Electrical conductor manufacture
  • High voltage fuse and lead joining
  • Busbar joining
  • Motor assembly
  • Motor bar trimming and sizing

Full SPC data for all processes is available. This improves repetitive, precise processes like self-pierce riveting (SPR), element insertion, clinching, forming, piercing and singulation.

We’re with you from start to finish

There’s incredible pressure in the automotive sector. Customers want improved performance and longevity without delay and at an affordable price point. 
TOX® PRESSOTECHNIK helps manufacturers produce high-quality parts and assemblies with pinpoint accuracy. This curbs warranty claims while boosting production throughput, profitability, and client satisfaction.

Additionally, we offer highly trained equipment support and service. No matter your location, our highly trained technicians are available to help. 


Contact us to learn more about our automotive motor and battery servo assembly processes and sheet metal joining solutions.

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